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Online training
The following training modules are available:


Are you ready to be in business?
Learn how to develop your plans and investigate your start up requirements.

Quick start business plan
Outline the main points of a good business plan and get a clear snapshot of your business idea.

Determining market size
It’s vital to find out how many potential customers are likely to want your products.

Can you afford to start a business?
Find out how much money you'll need to get started and to keep the business running.


Positioning your business
Tell your customers exactly where you are positioned.

How to target your marketing
Learn how to refine your targets and make the best use of limited marketing resources.

Researching the competition
Ideas and tactics to research your competition so they don't find out you're investigating them.

SWOT analysis
Gain a better understanding of issues that could affect your business.

Managing Resources

Getting staff to do what you want
Find out what you can do to get your employees to help you to work towards your goals.

Conducting effective market research
Collect the right information to help you to make more informed decisions.

Developing efficient systems
Good systems can give you greater control, add value, lower your costs and free up your time.

Identifying the problem
Identify and deal with the problems that cause business disruption or impede your growth.


Financial forecasts
Get some key financial forecasting tools that will help you manage your business better.

How much money are you really making?
This module explains how you can assess the viability of your business and it's activities.

Ratio and KPI performance
Find out how you can use ratio analysis and key performance indicators to fine tune your business.

How to collect debts
Learn how to improve cashflow with efficient debt collection processs.


Negotiating contracts
How to increase the chances that you end up negotiating a favourable contract.

Selling globally online
Find out what you need to think about when taking your business online and selling overseas.

Presenting and pitching
At some stage as an exporter you will have to face up to a potential customer and pitch (present) your business or product to them.

Making the most of attending international trade shows
A complete trade show planning guide that will help you get the best out of your investment.

Protecting your intellectual property (IP)
Protect your intellectual property both in New Zealand and in overseas markets.

Researching international markets
A structured approach to export market research.

Assessing online enquiries
Reduce the time and financial risk you face when dealing over the internet.

Your export roadmap
A checklist of your export readiness, and assess what assistance may help you.

Building competitive advantage for exporters
Competitive advantage is an important aspect of your business that you need to get right.

Determining your channel to market
Choose the most appropriate distribution channels to market for your products or services.

Source: New Zealand Trade & Enterprise

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